About Us

Hansen Building and Design Corporation specializes in the design and construction of Medical and Dental Clinics, as well as general office facilities, thru-out Southwest Michigan. We have experience in most medical specialties, and have completed medical related projects, including diagnostics, hospital ICU, respiratory care, path lab and post op services. We not only build new buildings but, also, re-design and create more functional spatial relationships in existing locations.

Hansen Building and Design Corporation provides so many more services than the typical construction company. We can say that we are, truly, all-inclusive in the scope of services we provide.

There are literally hundreds of architects and builders in the marketplace so:

Why Hansen Building and Design Corporation?

  1. Our standards of excellence, in the quality of our finished product, are second to none.
  2. We complete our projects on time... every time.
  3. We complete our projects in budget... every time.
  4. And... no one can beat our pricing.

It's all in the detail. The attention to detail, that we provide, in all our buildings, makes the difference between having a nice, everybody has one, type of building, and one that stands apart from the crowd. Our standards are uncompromising.

Our superior craftsmanship, provided by skilled, dedicated craftsmen, who have been with us for many years, is combined with select materials to help create a facility that stands the test of time, a building that is truly second to none.

We create landmark facilities that give you instant client recognition.

We provide you with the optimum working environment, with proper lighting, sound management, and open, airy, functional, spatial relationships that help you and your staff work more efficiently and feel more refreshed at the end of the day.

At Hansen Building and Design Corporation we take the uncertainty out of the design and construction process. We educate you in how the process works and provide all the required services, needed to complete your project, as part of our all-inclusive construction program. We can, also, help with land acquisition and act as your representative in negotiating a purchase. As part of our all-inclusive construction program, we provide all architectural, interior and landscape design services. When you work with our company, you work with only one person thru-out the entire design and construction process - this eliminates communication gaps and cost over runs that are so common with other construction companies. Should you need financing, we help coordinate finding the best interest rates and closing costs. If you need help with zoning, or other municipal issues, we will represent you, and help prepare the documentation required to obtain approval. We coordinate all these disciplines, so that it takes no time away from your busy schedule. If you build with us, we do not charge for these services.

Innovative design, a select number of dedicated craftsmen, uncompromising quality of craftsmanship, an extremely high standard of excellence, attention to detail, an open line of communication and an orderly, well scheduled selection process that makes your construction project a highly rewarding experience, are all part of our all-inclusive construction program.

All of our clients have become extremely successful in their respective practices, in part, due to the exposure our facilities we have provided for them.

Please contact us for a list of our clients - they would be pleased to share their building experience with you.

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